The VCSP in FIG Working Week

Council of FIG Working Week 2021

On 13 January the Council of FIG Working Week 2021 had its first council meeting 2021. On the agenda were the finances, and particularly the financial situation around the world thanks to the COVID19 pandemic. FIG Working Week 2021 is aware that our members have difficulties making income for instance by national events, seminars, etc. a bit as FIG Working Week has. FIG Council has as a response to the present unusual situation unanimously decided to supply all Member Associations, Corporate and Affiliate Members a discount of their membership fees in 2021 of 20 percent. Academic members pay once per four years so that they aren’t affected in FIG Working Week 2021. this is often a one-time and extraordinary situation and can be offered solely for 2021. it’ll leave FIG with an outsized deficit for 2021. The Council of FIG Working Week 2021 has however monitored the finances carefully over the last few years and has produced positive results. this suggests that FIG Working Week 2021 has an increased reserve, and FIG Council believes that this massive one-time loss is doable thanks to the accumulated funds and therefore the reserve will remain within the financial measure that has been set by the overall Assembly.

Financial result for FIG Working Week 2021

Furthermore, the financial result for FIG Working Week 2021 won’t be as bad as originally expected. There was no income from a FIG Working Week in 2020 but on the opposite hand, it’s also not been possible to travel during most of 2020. this suggests that the financial result for FIG Working Week 2021 will only show a little deficit. Council is aware that also for 2021 — a minimum of within the half of the year there’ll be fewer traveling activities for our council members than normally, thus there’ll be fewer expenses. We hope to urge back to more face-to-face activities and thereby also more traveling within the last half of 2021. this example has proved that it’s possible to satisfy online and with great creativity. The FIG Working Week 2021 and General Assembly are going to be no exception as this has also been transformed to an e-Working Week — however where elements from a face-to-face Working Week are going to be included like networking and getting the special community feeling of FIG Working Week 2021. Online meetings are a superb supplement, but it’s our clear conviction that they cannot replace face-to-face meetings. The celebration of the worldwide Surveyors day in FIG Working Week 2021 may be a great opportunity to donate to the present global outreach program. One that works with their partners to offer young surveyors opportunities to volunteer their time and skills toward humanitarian and environmental causes. The FIG Young Surveyors Volunteer Community Surveyors Program is currently seeking funding for the upcoming FIG Working Week 2021.



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